SPS/ IPC/ Drives 2011

IEC 61499 Day

Industrial Use Cases of Distributed Intelligent Automation

23 November 2011- Nuremberg, Germany


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Endorsement remarks from o3neida

ntonio Valentini

o3neida, Belgium

Introduction to IEC 61499

Prof. Valeriy Vyatkin

The University of Auckland, New Zealand

IEC 61499 based Control development of Advanced Manufacturing and HVAC solutions

Dr. Alessandro Brusaferri


Building Automation: Hotel Automation

Gernot Kolleger

nxtControl, Austria

Distributed systems development
with IEC 61499 in ISaGRAF

ulien Chouinard

ISaGRAF, Canada

Process control / Vineyard automation

Ricardo Herrklotz

nxtControl, Austria

Automation of a glass cutting machine

Dr Alfonso Blesa

TUROMAS and University of Zaragoza, Spain

New IEC 61499 – compliant Hardware Platform

Stephane Blanc

Advantech, France

New IEC61499-based software solution for machine automation

Dr Jürgen Seyler

epis-automation GmbH, Germany

IEC 61499 in Material Handling Systems Automation

Prof. Valeriy Vyatkin

The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Current State of IEC 61499 Development

Alois Zoitl

Technical University of Vienna, Austria

Embedded Systems Design with IEC 61499

Partha Roop

The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Recent works on IEC 61499 at Saarland University

Prof. Georg Frey

Saarland University,

Organized by Valeriy Vyatkin (University of Auckland). Sponsored by ISaGRAF and NxtControl.
Organisation support team: Majid Sorouri, Cheng Pang, William Dai and Jeffrey Yan (University of Auckland).
All slides are copyright of their respective authors.